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Consider Buying Land as a Blank Canvas for Your Vision

The Leelanau Peninsula is one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas in the world with brilliant sand dunes rising from Lake Michigan, pristine inland lakes, towering hardwood forests and lush landscapes. Each person cherishes this area in his or her own personal way. But the common feature is the land and water, which gives us beauty, serenity, inspiration, recreation, employment and a sense of community.


There are numerous benefits to buying land that make it a smart investment. Land can be less expensive than purchasing a property with a structure already built and it also offers a blank canvas for construction. Not to mention, it can also be a great long-term investment with not many carrying costs, such as a mortgage, utilities, or insurance (plus the property taxes are much cheaper as well).

Another benefit is that you can also choose to develop the land which can lead to an immediate increase in the land value. Alternatively, you hold onto it until a later date and its likely to increase in value over time. Contact me today and let’s find the perfect setting for your Northern Michigan sanctuary.

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